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Last Update: 16 Apr 2015 
The Urban NEXUS
Metropolitan Regions
Gender in Urban Development
Cities and Climate Change
Inclusive Cities
Green Urban Economy
Towards Urban Safety and Security
Urban Disaster Risk Reduction
The City as a Global Player
on the occasion of the Eschborn Dialogue 2012
 Training - new entries
Urban Risk Reduction: Developing and Implementing Resilience Action Plans for Cities
Governance in Urban Sanitation
Urban Innovation and Leadership Lab: Create innovative solutions and advance on your own leadership journey
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 Events - new entries
Africities 2015
Asia-Pacific-Weeks Berlin 2015: Smart Cities
Holistic Waste Management and Eco-Town Models for Sustainable Development in Asia-Pacific
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Out now: Joint publication by the Islamic Development Bank and GIZ on “Big Cities, Big Challenges – Sustainable Urban Transport across Major Middle East and North African Cities
Success factor: Networking
PDP’s First Gender Fair offered opportunity for dialogue among residents of informal areas
Making the case for urban safety: public engagement informs new urban policy in South Africa
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