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URBANET - network in the fields of municipal and urban development, decentralisation and regionalisation

  • provides, ready for download, documentation, analyses and concepts of key political and practical relevance in this thematic area.
  • facilitates an inter agency exchange of experiences and best practices.
Last Update: 31 Oct 2014 
Metropolitan Regions
Gender in Urban Development
Cities and Climate Change
Inclusive Cities
Green Urban Economy
Towards Urban Safety and Security
Urban Disaster Risk Reduction
The City as a Global Player
on the occasion of the Eschborn Dialogue 2012
 Training - new entries
Mobilité urbaine durable dans les pays en développement
International Course on Housing and Urban Development
Municipal Finances - A Learning Program for Local Governments
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 Events - new entries
International Meeting on the Right to the City
IX. Simposio Nacional de Desarrollo Urbano y Planificación Territorial
2nd Urbanization and Poverty Reduction Research Conference
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IHS vacancy announcement: Urban Environmental and Climate Change Management Coordinator
Unpacking Metropolitan Governance at XI Metropolis World Congress
1st Connective Cities Sub-Saharan Africa Dialogue Event: „Rethinking Public Service Delivery: Innovative Solutions for Managing and Financing Public Services in African Cities“ in Johannesburg
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Urban LandMark: Working towards improving access to land and property rights
Global Urban Commons
The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities
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