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URBANET - network in the fields of municipal and urban development, decentralisation and regionalisation

  • provides, ready for download, documentation, analyses and concepts of key political and practical relevance in this thematic area.
  • facilitates an inter agency exchange of experiences and best practices.
Last Update: 1 Sep 2014 
Metropolitan Regions
Gender in Urban Development
Cities and Climate Change
Inclusive Cities
Green Urban Economy
Towards Urban Safety and Security
Urban Disaster Risk Reduction
The City as a Global Player
on the occasion of the Eschborn Dialogue 2012
 Training - new entries
Municipal Finances - A Learning Program for Local Governments
Sustainable Urban Land Use Planning
Asia Urban Futures Workshop
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 Events - new entries
11th Metropolis World Congress
World Cities Day 2014: Leading Urban Transformations
2nd International Conference on Urban Sustainability and Resilience
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VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT: International Consultant for Metropolitan Governance
Join the sector project “Sustainable Development of Metropolitan Regions” at the METROPOLIS World Congress Hyderabad/India from 6 - 9 October 2014
Dossier: Die regenerative Stadt
World Habitat Day 2014: Voices from Slums
Open Letter to OWG Co-Chairs from #urbanSDG Campaign
Call for Proposals for Research Grants on Building Urban Resilience to Climate Change
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