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  The fast growth of cities and municipalities in partner countries of the German Development Cooperation is accompanied with an increased pressure on land, resources and infrastructure. Neighboring cities and urban settlements of different size, economical structure and social characteristics are intertwined and eventually grow inseparable at a spatial and functional level. Also, rural structures are interlinked with the urban structure, forming what can be termed the overall “metropolitan region”.
A new GIZ sector project on Sustainable Development of Metropolitan Regions was commissioned by the BMZ and has started in January 2013 at GIZ headquarters in Eschborn.
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Last Update: 18 December 2014
Operationalizing the Urban NEXUS: Towards resource efficient and integrated cities and metropolitan regions 
Comparative Study on Metropolitan Governance
Metropolis 2014
Cities and resource efficiency – the urban NEXUS. Factsheet
BMZ 2013
Metropolitan areas in action. Concluding report
The Governance of Metropolitan Regions – European and Global Experiences
Forum of Federations, European Union, 2012
Redefining "Urban". A New Way to Measure Metropolitan Areas  
OECD, 2012
Indonesia - The rise of metropolitan regions: towards inclusive and sustainable regional development
World Bank, 2012
Grant financing of metropolitan areas: a review of principles and worldwide practice
Anwar Shaw / World Bank, 2012
Multilevel Urban Governance or the Art of Working Together - Methods, Instruments and Practices
Mart Grisel & Frans van de Waart (eds.) / EUKN, 2011
Becoming a Global Metropolitan Region. Shanghai Development Strategy in a Regional Context
GTZ, Cities Alliance, 2009
Metropolitan Regions
Pere Picorelli, Gabriel Barros, Mariona Tomas, Coralie Molle / Metropolis, 2009

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The German Development Cooperation and ICLEI publish Urban NEXUS study 
Unpacking Metropolitan Governance at XI Metropolis World Congress 
New GIZ advisory approach for “Decentralised governmental- and administrative systems” launched 
WUF 7: Metropolitan Resilience is considered for future-oriented action 
WUF 7 - Side Event on Metropolitan Resilience by GIZ and the City of Bonn
Metropolis Initiative on Metropolitan Governance
 Training and Events
The 2015 Dresden Nexus Conference 
Mar 25 - Mar 27, 2015 | Dresden, Germany 
Metropolitan Solutions 2015 
May 20 - May 22, 2015 | Berlin, Germany
Ford Foundation: Metropolitan Opportunity 
URBACT: Metropolitan Governance
Metropolis Initiative on Metropolitan Governance
OECD: Redefining Urban: a new way to measure metropolitan areas

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