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ValueLinks Manual. The methodology of value chain promotion.
author: Springer-Heinze, Andreas (ed.)
institution: GTZ
year: 2007
country: Global
subject: Social and Economic Development in Rural Areas, Private Sector Development, (Results-based) Monitoring by Technical Field, Sustainable Economic Development, Social and Economic Development in Rural Areas
comments: This manual is the reference book for the ValueLinks methodology. ValueLinks is the name given to a systematic compilation of action-oriented methods for promoting economic development with a value chain perspective. It provides essential know-how on ways to enhance employment and the business income of micro and small-sized enterprises and farmers by promoting the value chains they are operating in. The ValueLinks manual is intended for use by development projects or by public agencies promoting specific agribusiness, handicraft or manufacturing sub-sectors of the economy. It has no specific sectoral focus. However, the emphasis is on those product markets that offer opportunities for the poor. The ValueLinks manual is one of several knowledge products that use the ValueLinks methodology. The ValueLinks training seminars for professional staff of public agencies and development programmes comprise an important instrument for sharing know-how, and are given by recognised ValueLinks trainers.
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pdf-file, 3,6MB, 221 pages
further keywords: Value Chain, SED-Management, economic development and employment


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